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Apple Updates »July 01, 2009 9:36:57 PM

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Well been hard at work as usual, Updates to Trivia Nation and iThesaurus as well as other ventures and apps for others all this and my day job. Still hitting the gym up daily and entering a bench press competition in August, so staying busy. Everything seems to be going fine and am making many new contacts due partly to my iPhone app development and users of the apps themselves. So it's kinda exciting and a little overwhelming as well, I would love to help everyone but there is just not enough hours in a day. It's great tho to pick and choose what I want to work on, then again harder to schedule time to work on personal projects.

With all that said iThesaurus has seen a big increase since the 3.0 OS release. It's been on the top 20 in it's category(Reference) since it has been released so I have no complaints at all. I am in a way sad/mildly excited because I recently had to add a small ad to the app to compensate for the API usage fees. This is great because I have never thought iThesaurus would ever be so popular and at the same time sad because I am sad I had to resort to adding an add to cover the API cost. I am a true believer in helping others out and in a way karma so I want to keep most of my apps free, and I have always vowed to keep iThesaurus free so this was the only route I saw. So iThesaurus 2.3 update was released today and I encourage everyone to upgrade to it to help keep the app free.

Trivia Nation is doing well, especially with the price drop and finally the update getting approved(more on that later). It's amazing to see that someone is already closing on the million point mark jwj423 you are amazing, btw did you ever get that Trivia Nation baseball jersey from cafe press? My shirt got washed for the first time and got some weird yellow/orange stuff on it. Oh well enough of that, I wish Trivia Nation had a graphic designer give it a once over and revamp the UI and get us some more graphics/backgrounds. Man we are in need bad. So as you can imagine this is holding up our 2.0 update and possibly hold up the 3.0 update(waiting for more 3.0 OS adaption), so its kinda slow moving till we can get that sorted out.

One last thing... Apple this approval time is getting ridiculous, I have been (till about 2 weeks before the 3.0 release announcement) seeing 7 day turn around on the approval of new apps and approvals. With that said the last Trivia Nation update took a little over a month to be approved, YES you read it right, A LITTLE OVER A MONTH!!! I thought it was a fluke until the iThesaurus update took over 2 weeks to get approved, not as bad but still twice as long as I have been consistently seeing in the past. Apple, you need to address this ASAP, it's almost as bad as AT&T not having MMS or teathering at the 3.0 OS and 3GS iPhone release, but within the release developing an iPhone app for GPS turn by turn directions with a hefty $9.99 monthly charge. AT&T wow, I can't even begin to describe how I feel, just be thankful you guys have the iPhone... Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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