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New app out Trivia Nation »April 27, 2009 11:52:18 PM

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So got my first new app out, it's a simple trivia game called Trivia Nation. The goodies lye in the highscores/leaderboards and the questions. This game is kinda diverse and built in such a way that we can grow with the community. We launched with 1000 questions and can add more at anytime without needing to add an update. We have had only 15 downloads on our first day but already we had someone score a 900 and top the leaderboards. It's cool to see people play something you worked on so hard, you just hope they enjoy it. There is so much more in store for our users so hang in there, not too much out the norm now, but just wait...

We are currently working on the first update which has the leaderboards built out for both total and round score, we think it'll be great for our users to compete for the daily, weekly, and monthly round score. That way there are many more ways to compete!!! As the game progresses and more questions are added, it will be harder to get that high of a score, and hopefully in this next update we will add the feature that will make repeat questions in the same game impossible. That will make it that much harder to get a high score.

One of the things we are not fully utilizing is that we incorporated unique login messages, right now only the champion sees a different message from the rest of the players. We have in the road map to build out the web portion of things and that will make it easier to administrate the game and users in it, not to mention easy custom messages! So much work to do and we want to get it all done now, just know we are all diligently working here and we expect to have great additions coming in the near future. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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