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iThesaurus updates and new Game »April 13, 2009 7:16:15 PM

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Ok, been hard at work and this new trivia based game. I really don't want to jinx it so I'm not going into much detail about it now. iThesaurus is about to hit the 65,000 download mark and is almost averaging 10,000 downloads a week. That is really insane if you stop to think about it. I have been using AppViz to track my app downloads/sales but I have been looking for a free alternative and so I have come across, it's in Beta2 as of this writing but has much potential. It has an auto sync feature so your stats and figures will be up to date whenever you need to access them. It has a nice UI and is pretty polished.

iThesaurus has received it's first review: It was a very positive review and I really look forward to more! I was kinda surprised and randomly stumbled upon the review, I read it and smiled as I read how he tried to trick my app and failed. It's funny when you just do something for run and don't really expect much and then it turns out to be beyond what you could have ever hoped for. It's hard to explain, but you pour your time and thoughts into something and just in a way afraid to show it to the world, in a way afraid of it's acceptance, but you do and they like it, they actually really like it. It is just a really nice and wonderful feeling.

Enough about that, I'm really excited about the new game and it should be submitted for Apple's approval this week and hoping to see it in the app store by the end of the month. Kinda another one of those I hope people like it scenario, and since it's my first paid app AND a joint effort with my boy Nate. So kinda hoping for some users and feedback to get a possible community built around it, we had to re-think somethings with the announcement of the 3.0 update and SDK. We had to take that into consideration and had to alter some features we had to postpone them for later and the 3.0 release, but really all that is gonna depend on our acceptance. We are user focused and will change our road map to provide the best user experience and provide the highest level of fun for all. So look for the release announcement soon!!!

One last thing, I got an email the other day from someone looking for some old code I had on my old site, I had to look in the internet archive for it It had been a very long time since I had thought about that code much less looked at it. I am sure the formatting of the XML has changed in the webservice I was using and I hope that code can be of some use to him. It's just hard to get enough information to offer any real solution without seeming like prying. I just wish I could have been of more help now that I think back on it. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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