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My Mac Woes »March 16, 2009 5:25:26 PM

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So been real busy with work development so personal iPhone development was put on hold. I'm back in the saddle now so I hope to finish these couple apps up kinda quick. The other apps are doing well, iThesaurus is still in the top 10 under reference(currently number 9), yes I dropped a few places, some other really goods apps have been released. If I want to climb up any I need to do some more work on it. I've been thinking about letting the user type in a word and get a definition directly, this would increase the use of the app and I have all the functionality built in so wouldn't be hard at all. The only thing in my way is a nice way to present it to the user, I like how minimal the UI is and fear cluttering it up. I have gave thought to a little image and touching it would cause a flip and show the dictionary view, thought of placing it at the bottom right but am unsure about what to use for the image so the user would know what it meant and was small enough to be out the way. I'm still in the air about that route, I've been brainstorming some other ideas and none have really stuck out. This is an iPhone after all, and so much care should be taken and much consideration gone into the UI alone to match Apple's standards. I myself like a nice shiny UI, minimalistic depends all on how the data is displayed so if I can't find a very minimalistic way to accomplish this I need to focus on some great organization. Anyway enough of that, came close to hitting 5,000 downloads in a day on Sunday so I'm hoping to break it this week or whenever I come up with the update to directly access the dictionary. Spell Check would be great too!!!

I had this big fiasco getting my palm rest replaced on my MacBook, but after 4 round trips to the Apple store in Greensboro and 3 days without it, I'm finally back on my MacBook and she's got a new keyboard and track pad as well! It's taken a little getting used to the new keyboard feel but the trackpad feels so much more sturdy and responsive. It stinks cus Apple knows about the issue and that's why they have been replacing them out of warranty and without Apple Care, but it's still not a permanent fix. I just wish Apple could get a harder plastic or something, this is the second time this has happened. It happened about 2 months after I got it and I sent it off to get fix, as there was no Apple store nearby, so after about 5 days I had it back. 2 months later, you guessed it, cracked and broken yet again, this time I just kept it that way. Seriously I can't maintain hardware that I get 2 months use out of and lose for 5 days while it's getting repaired. I am on this thing easily 12 - 14 hours a day so it's hard to have 5 days with out it, I do all my development on here both for work and personal. So I think I have made up my mind to sell my MacBook and get a... wait for it, wait for it, Dell running Vista! OK OK OK, just kidding, been there done that. Started with Windows went to Linux for about 6 years and now 100% Mac, just because I can have all 3 on the same machine, this is a true developers dream. So I am probably going to get a new MacBook Pro, 15" uni body. That way I won't have this nagging plastic breakign and chipping problem, plus I get another 2" of display area which I welcome very much. I am hoping to pick one up in the next couple weeks when I can find the time to go to the Apple store again, then transferring all my data(which Apple makes seemless and easy), then selling my White MacBook. So I hope to have another addition in the next couple weeks! This should jump start my coding some, at least for a little bit. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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