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DZone is a free link-sharing community for developers, anyone can submit new links to the incoming queue, members vote on upcoming links to determine what gets promoted.

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Updates, Updates, Updates »March 04, 2009 10:24:42 AM

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So got another update in the queue and the Bart Board update was approved on Monday. Overall my apps are doing real well, still not how I thought it would turn out but I guess I am happier this way. I am sitting at number 8 and seems to be pretty strong, downloads are consistent which is good. Got a ton of positive feedback on the updates, it seems pretty simple, do what your customer wants.

Example, I released iThesaurus and was embarrassed with what I launched with, but I knew I wanted to launch with the base functionality and then add what the users wanted. So version 1.0 was basic, 2.0 was more then double what I initially had and there is a simple 2.1 update waiting to be approved that has the email definition functionality. My downloads and user base reflects this as well. As soon as a new update comes I get praises and accolades and my user base increases. Some updates like to the Bart Board, I would never have guessed my users would have wanted. Goes to show you, what you think your users might want, might not actually be what they want.

Still working on the other 2 apps and I'm excited with their progress. Getting antsy and seem to be pulling some late nighters but I'm passionate about what I do and obsessed with the code I write, not sure yet if this is a good thing or not... Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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