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So the last couple of days have been real exciting. Watching the response from the apps and getting to see actual usage. So I released 4 apps into the app store 2 I thought were pretty meaningless, but got me experience with different parts of the SDK. Out of the other 2 I figured My Tea Timer would have the most downloads, and thus the app I put the most time into. I also thought I identified the short comings of it and figured I would release an update to address some of these. So as I took the last couple days and watched how users reacted to my apps some shocking things happened...
Turns out My Tea Timer wasn't the most popular or the second most, it is the third out of the four but the one I put the most time into. Bart Board was more popular then I could have thought, simple concept shake the phone get a new Simpsons chalkboard quote. Seems like a ton of people enjoy it and I am happy they like it. I have had a couple requests for features and they couldn't have been easier, change font and add refresh button so you wouldn't have to shake it all the time.

This leaves us to the most shocking supprise I had... iThesaurus is in the top 10 free reference apps in iTunes!!! I am shocked because the app really didn't have any depth, simply type in a word hit search and it searches bighugethesaurus to get synonyms. The layout is simple and the 2 graphics I use are pretty clean and polished. Funny thing too is its the same image just stretched, and it was some royalty free image I got for $2.50 I am averaging about 1100-1300 downloads in the first 2 days so far with 3000 word searches a day. The day it was approved for iTunes I wrote an update for it because I was worried again about the depth, the update adds dictionary functionality to the app this is a pretty big update and makes this app so much more useful. I am real anxious to see what kind of an impact this might have on the app's popularity. I could have never imagined that it would make it into the top 10 in it's category.

This just goes to show you again how unpredictable the app store can be. On another note I just got the graphics in today for another app I'm working on and all I can say is WOW this app is going to look sexy. I am more then happy with the graphics I got and can not really wait to see this in the app store. I hope that is will be my first paid app and can't wait to see how users react to it. It's kinda niche so I don't really expect it to be all that popular, but we'll see. It certainly won't be the first time that the app store has surprised me. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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