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Slack Weekend & Apple Rejects »February 23, 2009 10:29:22 AM

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So another weekend went by and because I have been going at it for a while, I decided to take the weekend off from programming and focus on finding a designer and some other house stuff. The whole designer thing went alright, found some talented people and decided on a couple. Also realized I had a good local resource I was completely looking over. So that is always a good thing, and word is they might have some ideas as well :)

no word from Apple yet and its been almost another week, now all the apps I have waiting should all be approaching that week turn around approval time. I already have updates that I have been working on but since they haven't been approved I've been holding off on polishing them up. So this week I need to really crank stuff out, in addition I got the green light to go back to lifting and the whole gym routine. I can manage it all if I don't have that many distractions this week, and I buckle down.

So this morning I was reading this article: and came to the conclusion that Apple really hates political apps and they should be avoided. With that said most all on that short list were rejected for obvious reasons. Apple is a family company and wants to gear the iPhone to everyone old, and young alike, so they don't want adult themed apps. So no bouncing boobs, no frontal wallpapers, nothing of the like. Is this really so hard to follow? IDK seems obvious to me but I guess not to others.

Anyway I'm losing my enthusiasm on this current app I'm working on. No innovation so I guess its just due to the fact that its a pretty routine app. I am hoping once this designer jumps on it will stat to get me going again, seeing those nice pretty graphics.

So wish me luck on this week, hope I really can get a ton done. BTW not leaving town this week, delayed till the 13-15 I think. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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