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At it again »February 20, 2009 11:25:09 AM

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So took a day or so break and am starting back up again. This time working on my first paid app, still looking around for a designer. Well someone to just be like here this is what it should look like and how it should feel. I'm just a programmer and have no idea about UI or themes or even my target audience so I am looking for someone to take a lead on this one. I hope to find someone soon as I have already started laying it out and began coding. I'm excited about this one and believe it will be used more then the others, and being a paid app $.99 I really want people to feel like they got their dollar's worth.

So I'm going out of town next week for a few days(get to go to a resort in the mountains) so I hope to get a ton of work done while I am there, schedule permitting. I am bad about obsessing about things so I know once I focus my attention on this project the coding will be done in under a month and I need the graphics done around there as well. Been a pretty routine week at work, nothing really out the norm. Was a little tired the first half because I was on it pretty hard getting those 4 apps out. Took some time and went to bed real early Wed night and Thursday spent the whole day in dejavu, it was soo weird.

As always been working on the site adding features, decoupling, there is always work to be done somewhere. I hope to keep the blog up as I know I have failed in the past but this time I have motivation. What is kinda worrying me a little is all the blatant stealing going around in the iTunes app store. Like classics for example, I just read an article on how their app was copied all the way down to the feature description, graphics and everything. I would hate, even as a indie developer, to slave on an app for months just to have a company rip it off in a couple of days/weeks. To all the people out their jacking others software and releasing it as their own, atleast try and 1-up it somehow. Seriously think about it, just innovate and raise the bar, see if the developer responds. I know its still wrong, but face it people are gonna steal others work, it always happens. I just would like for it to push the industry forward in someway shape or form. Just my $.02 Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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