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App Store Madness »February 18, 2009 1:13:13 PM

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So I have written about 4 apps that are now in the "in review" status. I really think that first one I did is gonna get rejected for something stupid. Well not entirely, I was reading over the usability guidelines supplied by Apple, and it turns out I didn't check for a network connection before I attempt to connect to a webservice. While this is no big thing to fix, I am hesitant to reject the binary because I fear it will start me over in the queue and its been a week almost already. So I will just see what Apple does about it. Also I have read somewhere on the inter webs that if you are "in review" close to a week the chances that they will reject your app goes down dramatically.

The anticipation is killing me some, I just want to know if they will be accepted or rejected. The other apps are utility/just simple entertainment. I will not go into detail about them just quite yet, as I really want to focus on the first one I submitted right now. So far it's been fun, I still get all anxious when I am about a day out from submitting. Really exciting stuff, even more if these apps get approved :)

Quick note on checking for network availability, I'm using the technique discribbed by Erica Sadum in her book "the iPhone developer's cookbook" and it is working very nicly and with minimal code. You need to include:
#import SystemConfiguration/SCNetworkReachability.h
#include netinet/in.h

in the header of the class you're using the call. In addition you will also need to add the "System.Configuration" framework to your project in xCode. After all that simply call [self conectedToNetwork] and it returns a BOOL value of weather the device is connected or not, this include 3G as well as WiFi. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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