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My app has been submitted »February 12, 2009 10:18:23 PM

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So I have submitted my first app to Apple for release on the app store. It's called "My Tea Timer" right now it's in the "in review" status. The whole process was simple and Apple makes it real easy. There is a great video on iTunes from iTunes U that goes through the whole process. I had it going while I was making the last bit of coding and when it came time to actually perform the process, everything looked familiar. I did have one small problem, I first started out trying in FireFox and it wouldn't upload anything, so I opened up Safari and it worked like a charm.

Other small hiccups included; app icon was 60x60 and not 57x57 so it gave an error during upload, large icon wasn't a .jpg, all the screenshots I tried to initially upload weren't in .jpg format. Again these were small and simple fixes, just glad Apple screens these things before the actual "in review" status. I would hate to get this far just to have it rejected because of some little things and have to resubmit another binary for review.

On other fronts I have a little over a week left of recuperation from this hernia surgery and then I can get back to the gym. Not to mention football is starting up in March so I gotta be in shape for that. Some random thing happened to me today, somehow I managed to crack a tooth. It's kinda freaking me out cause I can feel it with my tongue and it's gross. So gonna be calling up the dentist soon and get that taken care of. Yuck, I feel so uncomfortable in the dentist's office too.

I hope to get a response back from Apple within a week and hopefully it will go through and I will post the iTunes link and everyone can go check it out. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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