iThesaurus - iPad

Version »1.1

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed a thesaurus and weren't near one, or near a computer? If so then iThesaurus is the answer. With access to over 140,000 different words you are sure to find whatever you are looking for. Containing both synonyms and antonyms this is sure to be the end all be all for your thesaurus needs.

Featuring a fast and simple user interface anyone can use it. Let your kids use it for reports, reference it when sending emails or other correspondence to better get your point across. Your vocabulary will be growing in no time with this handy thesaurus, and the best part about is, is that its free.

Come join our over 300,000+ iPhone/iPod Touch users with the new iPad version of the popular iThesaurus app. New UI and new features make this version the best yet! This iPad version contains new dictionary source so many more definitions and now examples. Also look up bi-grams and explore the word frequency by year. As always we welcome feedback and suggestions.

**This application requires an internet connection

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