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Version 1.2 is now available!!!!! »June 18, 2009 7:51:32 PM

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After almost of month of waiting, Apple has finally approved the 1.2 version of Trivia Nation. We are excited about this update for many reasons. The main issue we addressed in this version is the additions of new sounds. We have added 4 new pairs of sounds for game use. You can change the sounds by going to the settings and clicking the sounds button. We have also slightly improved the user interface to give it an overall better look. The long approval process has delayed our progress with the game. We originally wanted to have our 2.0 update out at this time. But don't worry our 2.0 will be out in a few short weeks. Without giving out too many details, our 2.0 update will change the whole look and feel of the game with game changing features. Reddit TwitThis Facebook StumbleUpon Mixx Technorati Google


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